Top UX Design Mistakes to Avoid on Your Landing Pages


  • Competing CTAs


UX professionals and website developers believe that a landing page should only have around two primary goals in order to avoid confusion. Remember that the conversion process should be simple. It’s always better to build separate pages for various goals, like ordering products and appointment scheduling.


  • Using Huge Blocks of Text Instead of Compelling Headings


Formatting can make a big difference in every website. Avoid incorporating plain paragraph. Always break it into segments, and then insert persuasive, informative headings.


  • Auto Playing Videos and Pop-Ups


It’s no secret that pop ups can distract people from the right content. This will cost you conversions, so avoid them as much as possible.


  • Slow-Loading Web Pages


Readers and customers should be able to see the information they are looking for in just two to three seconds. If it takes longer than that, they might move to a competitor’s website. Manage your website’s speed, and improve user experience efficiently.

Test Your Landing Pages


  • Monitor Conversions


The goal of UX research is to drive in more conversions for your brand and business. This is why you need to track your goals efficiently, and see what elements work best.


  • Build Benchmark Metrics to Test


To be able to compare your progress, a benchmark should be set. See how your business matches up with different brands in the industry.


  • A/B Test UX Design Updates and Changes


UX consultants always recommend A/B testing in order to measure the effects of design and updates. By implementing extensive UX researches, you can build the ideal user experience for every visitor.

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