Why You Should Exercise to Improve Your Sex Drive

Viagra, Cialis, and libido boosters for men can certainly help the male populace in helping to thwart sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

That being said, you should know by now that exercise is generally needed by our bodies for optimal health, but what role does it play in improving one’s sex life?

Today, I am going to go over the reason why you should exercise to improve your sex drive.

How Can Exercise Improve One’s Health?

Doctors and health experts advocate that one must have some form of exercise to improve one’s health but why is this often advised to people?

Well, exercise can actually help improve your overall health. According to Mary Clair Haver, M.D, she said that any exercise- may it be cardio, weightlifting or both- can improve one’s overall health, as well as their sex drives.

There are a lot of reasons for this. First, exercise can generally improve one’s blood circulation. This is important, especially for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Second, exercise can help improve your heart in so many ways. Not only does it burn all of the unhealthy fat that may have surrounded it as a result of poor nutrition, but it also optimizes the said organ to improve its blood circulation overall.

Third, exercise has been found to minimize one’s stress levels, especially in its power to decrease one’s cortisol levels– the stress hormone, if you are not up to speed.

Why Men Should Lift Weights

Before I start, I just want to say that all forms of exercise are crucial for one’s overall health. That being said, men, in particular, should also focus on lifting some weights. Let me explain.

According to Haver, weightlifting or resistance training are all exercises that boost one’s testosterone levels more than any other type of exercise.

She also added that a good weightlifting session can also help release endorphins which are known to be hormones that can help uplift our moods.

Take Advantage of that Post-Workout High

People who’ve had great workout sessions are almost always in a good mood and that is why you may want to capitalize on that. In fact, why don’t you bring your partner with you during workouts and have some sexy time afterward?

According to Haver, it is an hour after workouts that people generally are in the mood for sex. The cocktail of hormones is at its peak shortly after exercise, so it is important that one must take advantage of this.

However, there is a caveat. This should not be after a grueling workout session. What I mean is that if you are into weightlifting and you happen to achieve your PRs on that day, it might not be a good idea to have sex afterward simply because all of your energy has been spent during your personal record lifts.

My point in all of this is that exercise is generally a good idea; whether we are talking about it from a pure health standpoint or one about sex.

How a ‘Healthy’ Diet Can Make You Tired

Eating the right types of food, getting enough rest, taking the best supplements for men, and effective stress management are all hallmarks of good nutrition and when you follow such a regimen, you would think that you will energetic for most of your waking moments, right? Well, that is actually not always the case.
Proper nutrition relies heavily on the food that you eat but there might be instances where you gorge on unhealthy food options that may negatively impact your energy levels (and may even lead to unwanted weight gain as well).
A ‘healthy’ diet is a perceived diet where people might think that they are doing the right thing, but how exactly sure are you?
Well today, I am going to provide you with some tweaks if you still feel fatigued even though you are following the right nutrition plan.

Eat Often

This may sound counterintuitive, but if you really boil it down to the finer details, you will understand why this method works.
Far too often, we rely on eating foods only three times a day. That was good before because there are only a handful of studies that tackle nutrition. But, as new research has surfaced, eating only three meals a day will not do well for your energy levels.
It is much better, in fact, if you eat smaller meals with increased frequency; think about eating 5-6 smaller meals a day.
This will ensure that your body will receive enough nutrients for the rest of the day, provided that you space your meals accordingly.


Stay Away from White Bread

The modern diet mostly consists of refined carbs like white bread, pancakes, and muffins and while they are no doubt delicious, they actually do not bode well for your body.
That is because they are simple carbs that will give you an energy boost, albeit not long-lasting as you’ve hoped them to be.
If you want a more sustainable energy source, think about getting soluble fiber. This can be acquired from eating whole grains like oatmeal or brown rice.
Soluble and insoluble fiber is actually digested in the intestinal tract and will provide a safety net that slows down the absorption of sugar and fat (which will lead to prolonged energy levels throughout the day).

Do Not Completely Avoid Red Meat

You’ve been probably told by some people that you should avoid red meat like the plague, but that is actually just bad advice.
According to sports dietitian, Meridan Zerner, even if you think you are eating the right foods, ditching red meat entirely may lead to iron-deficiency which will result in poor energy levels.
Beef and other red meats are rich in iron and should be a part of your diet. Though, I do have to caution that you take it moderately.


Eat the ‘Right’ Vegetables

Before I talk about eating the ‘right’ vegetables, all vegetables are healthy. But, if you want the most bang for the buck, go for cruciferous vegetables instead.
Think about kale and broccoli. These vegetables contain isothiocyanates which can help increase mitochondria levels in your body- the ones that are responsible for converting food into ATP or usable energy.

7 Aphrodisiacs that Help Boost Your Sex Life

Although men can turn to libido boosters to help improve their sex life, there are certain foods that can help you achieve the same thing naturally. This article will focus on 7 different aphrodisiacs that are known to help boost your sex life.

Brazil Nuts

Rich in healthy fats, Brazil nuts also contain a considerable amount of Selenium, which is a mineral that can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men.

In addition, the said mineral also helps stimulate the production of egg (women) and sperm (men) which makes it one of the best aphrodisiacs out there. Plus, they are easy to eat and quite accessible as well.


Kiwis are rich in Vitamin C which can help boost your metabolism, as well as helping you boost your fertility and libido too.


These amazing tropical fruits are actually some of the best aphrodisiacs in the world. That is because of its effect on increasing the sex drive in both men and women is well- documented. And, the fact that you can pair this with dark chocolate, you get a libido- enhancer that is not only proven to work but also is delicious to eat as well.

Chili Peppers

The active compound that gives chilies their spicy taste, Capsaicin, gives a lot of health benefits. It improves one’s metabolism which means good news for people that want to achieve good overall health.

Capsaicin is also known to stimulate endorphin production which allows you to feel good, as well as it helps emulate the feeling of having sex.


This natural sweetener contains boron, which can regulate testosterone and estrogen levels in both men and women. It is also known to help boost energy levels naturally without the risk of getting diabetes.


According to Dr. Walt Larimore, physician and medical journalist, Arugula contains a lot of minerals and antioxidants that can help block environmental contaminants that may contribute to lowering your libido. Adding this to your diet will ensure that you will maintain healthy levels of libido at all times.

Olive Oil

Rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, olive oils are packed with natural antioxidants that can help improve overall health.

Because of its rich healthy fat content, olive oil is known to ramp up hormone production, improve blood flow, and may lead to a healthier heart.

Bonus: Artichokes

The look of this particular vegetable may resemble a romantic gesture as early people would pull the leaves out to reach the center.

But, this is actually a well-known aphrodisiac mainly because of its rich vitamin and mineral profile that are known to help improve overall bodily functions.